Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog Feb 10

First day of the EC

With the ice size and the number of problems in the GC, the race committee decided to divide the fleet into fourths, making for smaller fleets. The 10 o'clock start got delayed slightly as the wind refused to settle down. Finally about 10:30 the D fleet got started in light wind. The leaders barely made the time limit, but succeeded. The C fleet lined up promptly and started in wind even lighter. No one around me started a watch, and that may also have been true of the race committee, but the black flag never came out. As the last boats finished, the wind shifted 30 degrees and came up a bi, and the line was taken in to reset for the new wind.

B fleet started, and I was in position 28, mid fleet on the left and unable to run. Chris clark was kind enoough to give me a push, which is not nearlly enough to keep up with sprinters. I got up to speed and tacked for clear air. The boat moved well and I was mid-fleet at the first weather mark. I gybed in a percieved wind shift and passed a few more boat down wind. The breeze seemed to be holding and I rode the port tack to nearly the layline -big mistake in shifty winds! Just as I approached the starboard layline, a 30 degree wind shift hit, a big port tack lift. Now I was nowhere near the lay line and I continued to shore where I was forced to tack. Still short of layline, the ten or so boats near me all had to tack twice more to reach the mark. Now near the back of the fleet, we laid the leeward mark without gybing. One more circuit and the race was done. My finish was 37.

Stan had a new line set and gold fleet started. US44 doninated the race at every mark.

Silver fleet up next, but another wind shift meant another starting line. We were now more than 90 degrees from the first course of the day, but wind was up a bit. My spot was taken by someone who thought it was his, so I moved to the end of the line with Wendell. Wendell had a breakdown in the first race. I did a scooter-kick start and fell off for speed. Felt fast, and moved up and down in the fleet in the course of the race. Finished 38th.

Awards for worlds followed, and a nice affair. Photos show my traveling companion Adam wining second in gold, and Michael wining gold. Mike Derusha took second in silver. Hal Bowman and Mercedes took the dance floor by storm.

Second day of EC

Good news: wind was up. Bad news, Snow fell all day. Order was A-C-D-A-B-C-D All but D completed before low visibility in blowing and drifting snow and cold led race committee to call it for the day. In the US, we'd have probably quit long before, called it a regatta, and gone home. Here, we come back to,orrow for another look. A bit better day for the US team. Ron took 4-3, Mike Derusha took a 15, Aaron took a 6-8 (I think, both excellent finishes), Dan Connell took a 6th. Four gold, three silver and Bronze, two Aluminum races complete.

Unofficial standings: Berndt Zeiger in 1st by three over
Michael Burczynski in scoond by three over
Ron Sherry

Mike Derusha, Silver second

Lucas and Adam, Gold third and second place winners

Michael, winner of Gold Cup World Championship

Hal and Mercedes, they owned the dance floor

Sailing EC day 2, wind and snow

And drifts forming.

Waiting for visibility, D fleet lined up.

US team gear, being drifted over

Packing to go back to the marina

Collision memories

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  1. Glad to see you are back out racing Ken. Great job on the reports. Can't wait to hear some more stories when you guys all get back.