Monday, March 1, 2010


Thanks for the great feedback from the Worlds blog. I wasn’t going to blog the NAs, but it’s a long trip. . .

After searching, hoping, trying, sailing, and fighting weather, the conclusion was that the North American Continent had no sailable ice within range (not counting Canyon Ferry, MT) in either the US or Canada. But JD and Jim McDononagh decided to go to the “unofficial” site in northern Michigan by way of the north shore of Lake Superior. They confirmed the rumored great ice (and no snow) on the north shore of Gitchie-goomey.

In the conference call at which the decision was made, there was much hand wringing. Our by-laws require the regatta to be complete by the Saturday after the called date. There was neither ice nor the forecasts anywhere that would lead to new ice, or refreshed ice, anywhere. Sigh. OK. Thunder Bay is the only game available. Have fun guys, it too far for us.

Now how and who to travel with, because even from Chicago, its over 700 miles to there. The WI/IL contingent (after soul searching and spousal pleadings and work planning) consists of Wendell Sherry (who was in Traverse Bay waiting), Peter Johns, Lou Loeneke, Bob Cave, Mark Isabell, Steve Orelebek, Pat Fitzgerald and me. The MN contingent is to be determined as well as who is in from the East and Centrals and Canada. There are four European entries traveling with our resident Polish sailor from Chicago.

Pat Fitzgerald and I ended up driving together. Sunday found us in Duluth, where it was recommended we stop. The deer and moose hazard on the roads north were considered excessive, so we got a good night’s sleep, found Izzi/Orlie and Loneke/Cave and Pete also stayed at the same place. The ice is great, the wind was light and lots of nice practice this afternoon. There were 50 boats on the ice when we left for dinner. Racing starts tomorrow, Wednesday.

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  1. Hey Ken: Thanks for blogging the NA's too. Much appreciated by those "wish I could have been there" people. Keep those photos coming, say hi and good luck to Julie/Dick, keep us posted on Junior Sam, and good luck to you! Best.